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be Young Moisturizer Oil

~Minyak Pelembab~

Be Young Moisturizer Oil, 100% natural materials, such as Virgin Coconut Oil, Almond Oil and Lemongrass Oil, is a good oil to nourish the skin, keep skin healthy, soft and can be used for massage

Active ingrdients:
1. Virgin Coconut Oil:
Has a small molecular structure that can be absorbed by the skin, can restore dry skin, rough, wrinkled and accelerate wound healing including repairing damage to scar tissue
2. Almond Oil:
Rich in vitamin E, vitamin D and other components, is an antioxidant that is good for maintaining skin elasticity, soften, nourish and brighten skin naturally.
3. Lemongrass Oil:
Essential Oil that is refreshing aromatherapy, is antimicrobial so it can help keep skin healthy and soft. 

Be Young Moisturizer Oil, 100% natural, high-quality, present to your attention to the security products used for your family.

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BPOM NA 18130102147

When packed : netto 30 ml Quantity :

Price : Rp 30.000