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Muraya Soap Virgin Coconut Oil Jasmine

~Muraya Soap~
A mixture of selected natural ingredients that is beneficial for skin beauty so that the skin feels soft, softly glowing and remaining young.*




Content of Active ingredients:

  • Virgin Coconut Oil:
    Has a small molecular structure that is easily absorbed by the skin, replenishes dry, coarse, wrinkled skin and expedites healing of wounds including repairing damaged tissue due to wounds.
  • Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Grape seed Oil and Jojoba Oil:
    Contains anti-oxidants that are necessary to protect the skin, rejuvenate skin cells, soften and preserve skin moisture.
  • Pogostemon cablin Oil and Curcuma longa Oil :
    Oil with an aromatherapy characteristic that induces the feeling of calm and relaxation and helps care for the beauty of the skin.

Natural soap made ​​from Virgin Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Patchouli Oil, a blend that is.

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BPOM NA 18130500161

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Price : Rp 10.000