PT. NUCIFERA ALAM INDONESIA was founded on 15 January 2009, is a company that provides Cosmetics products, Herbal, as well as Home & Personal Care in Indonesia.  

We see that Indonesia has big population of coconut tree. Almost all parts of coconut fruit and tree can be utilized. Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) as one of the derivative product from the coconut meat has function that can increase health (the body immunity against all kinds of degenerative ailments) and as highly valuable natural cosmetic ingredient.  

Based on the perceptive thinking that customer need quality product that are safe and environmentally friendly, we then focus ourselves to develop innovative products with Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) and other natural ingredients as our main ingredients.

The series of product from PT. Nucifera Alam Indonesia include several brands as follow “be Young”, “be Nevicio”, & “LaQQu”.

Becoming a number one company in producing Cosmetics, Herbal, as well as Home & Personal Care with high quality and good competitiveness in domestic market and international market. 

Provide the best quality products that are safe and environmentally friendly to create a better future. 

Participate in helping to increase the community standard of living by cooperating with the local farmer for supply of ingredients. 

Creative & Innovative in Products Creating & Developing. 

Safe, Quality & Innovative Products.